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Nord Stream 2 could help meet with Putin, Zelensky said

KYIV, Dec 15 President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that the situation with the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline could facilitate the organization of his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Currently, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is undergoing approval by the regulator – the Federal Grid Agency of Germany. This process was suspended due to the fact that the regulator considered it necessary for Nord Sream 2 AG to create a subsidiary enterprise in Germany and submit a new application for certification as an operator already on its behalf – this is necessary according to European legislation. After this application is submitted and accepted, the regulator will resume the process, make its decision, on which the European Commission will then express its opinion. According to German media, this process may take several months. Zelensky said that he expects the United States to become the leaders of the “Normandy format” regarding Nord Stream 2. In our case, this is a security issue. This is a serious instrument for talking with the Russian Federation, and I think it is very fair. Today it is in the hands of the leaders of some European countries. And Chancellor Scholz plays one of the most important Thanks to such a tool, I could organize a meeting with the President of the Russian Federation, where some progress in the implementation of the same Minsk or other steps to end the military conflict in the east of the country could be resolved, “Zelensky said during a conversation with the press in Brussels, which was broadcast on the Rada TV channel. Nord Stream 2 is a gas pipeline with a capacity of 55 billion cubic meters per year from the coast of the Russian Federation through the Baltic Sea to Germany. Now its operator is Nord Stream 2 AG with the sole shareholder of Gazprom. The Russian Federation has repeatedly stated that Nord Stream 2, which is actively opposed by the United States and Ukraine, is commercial, beneficial to Europe and urged to stop mentioning it in the context of any politicization. “Sober look”: Germans supported Austria on Nord Stream 2


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