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Nutritionist revealed the secrets of harmony of French women

Popular myths about the French diet debunked.

French women, judging by movies and posts on social networks, drinking coffee all day, eating croissants and baguettes & # 8212; and are famous all over the world for their thinness and chiseled figures. .

What is this miracle diet, nutritionist Katerina Jensen told in her food blog. She revealed this secret during a trip to France.

There is, of course, enough delicious food in France, but, nevertheless, Parisians are thin & # 8212; what's the secret? First, Paris & # 8212; it's not all of France yet! This time, the nutritionist went to the small town of Mimizan, which is located near Bordeaux.

& # 171; My trip turned my idea of ​​French women upside down. I understood a lot that did not reach me before. I share my discoveries & # 187 ;, & # 8212; said Katerina.

  • Revelation about French women number 1: they are not skinny at all!

As it turned out, French women, like all women in Ukraine and other countries & # 8212; completely different: thin, and slender, and not very. And the myth that all the girls of a country are completely thin & # 8212; nothing more than just a myth. In fact, the farther from Paris, the fewer skinny women, the nutritionist said.

  • French women discovery # 2: They move a lot

The French of all ages and sizes were constantly winding kilometers along the beach.

& # 171; I have never seen so many people on any beach in the world walking along the edge of the sea & # 187;.

Despite the fact that walking along such a beach is not very easy and pleasant: the coast sandy, feet fall into the sand, load & # 8212; more than walking.

  • French discovery # 3: those who are really slim just eat … little!

< p>On the trip, the nutritionist rented a room from a young French girl. When she arrived, she gave the refrigerator for her full use.

The hostess was a beautiful and slender girl, and the secret of her figure, as it turned out, was not in the special recipes from French books that her great-grandmother bequeathed to her. She's just & # 8230; I ate little!

For breakfast & # 8212; a cup of coffee and a glass of water. Snack at 12 pm and then dinner.

  • French discovery # 4: Not all of them eat wholesome food

< strong>The books will tell you that French women eat mainly vegetables, and an unprecedented variety reigns on the table, but according to the & nbsp; fact for dinner, the French hostess prepared herself 2 dishes: salad with canned vegetables and store gnocchi (a mixture of potatoes and flour) cooked in cream and bacon.

The only shelf with her products was & # 171; healthy & # 187; processed mini-curds, half-eaten cottage cheese, a handful of cherry tomatoes, bacon, cream and a pack of lettuce leaves. And also & # 8212; wine, pack of cookies, cola, beer & # 8230;

& # 171; It turned out that they are almost indistinguishable from everyone else. Including addictions. & Nbsp; So, the secret of French harmony is simple: we don't eat anything and we don't get better! & # 187;, & nbsp; & # 8212; summed up Catherine.

  • Discovery about French women # 5: they drink a lot of coffee

But coffee, according to the nutritionist, for French women & # 8212; an integral part of life. The day begins with coffee and … it ends with it.

& # 171; The waiters in the restaurant asked me 10 times after dinner: did they really understand me correctly and I won't have coffee?! & # 187 ;.

Conclusions on the French diet

It turns out that there is no secret diet for French women. There are no gimmicks that allow French women to be slimmer than everyone else on the planet. And the secrets of French harmony, and this harmony itself & # 8212; just myths.

Katerina advised everyone to return to mindfulness in nutrition and to work on themselves and their habits.


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