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RT launches 24/7 German-language news channel

MOSCOW, Dec 16 RT is launching a new round-the-clock news channel in German – RT DE, the channel reported citing editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan. The channel's news studios are located in Moscow and Berlin, RT DE will broadcast news, talk shows and documentaries. They fought with us and continue to fight in Germany, they have not fought with us in any country in the world. At the same time, the German audience turned out to be very grateful. This is evidenced by the RT DE indicators on the website and in social networks, which they managed to achieve before launching the TV channel as such. We will do our best not to disappoint our audience in German, “Simonyan said. It is noted that the broadcast will be expanded to Europe, including countries with a potentially large German-speaking audience – Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The channel will air the analytical program Fasbenders Woche with the famous German journalist Thomas Fasbender, the culinary and political show Kartoffelmus (Mashed Potatoes) with the host Tsukaina Gruno, as well as other talk shows. RT won nine Promax Global Excellence Awards. The well-known German media manager, producer and writer Oliver Brendel also joined the RT DE team earlier. Our viewers are interested in how Russia lives today and what it is like from the inside, “said the head of RT DE Dinara Toktosunova.RT noted that the launch of the RT DE channel in Germany was preceded by an unprecedented attack from the German authorities and the media. In the report of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the work of German counterintelligence in 2020, RT was mentioned in the section “Espionage and other intelligence activities.” At that time, the head of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schaeuble said that with the help of the Russia Today television channel, Moscow was trying to deliberately manipulate Germans with Russian roots. In August 2021, RT DE received an official refusal to obtain a broadcasting license from Luxembourg, which referred to “information and analysis German authorities “. In September, YouTube removed two RT DE channels without the right to recover, for alleged “violations of community rules.” At the same time, RT DE was in fourth place in terms of influence among German-language media, bypassing Deutsche Welle and other German media, according to Tubular Labs. Projects RT Receives 14 Clio Entertainment Awards


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