GENERICO.ruWorldThe British demanded to stop fakes about the third world war with Russia

The British demanded to stop fakes about the third world war with Russia

MOSCOW, Dec 16. Readers of the British newspaper Daily Express spoke about repeated publications on the topic of the Ukrainian crisis, in which journalists dare to talk about the approaching third world war with Russia. For example, on December 16, the newspaper used the statements seven times in describing tensions between Moscow and Western countries. about the upcoming military conflict. Commentators expressed dissatisfaction and suggested that the British media were deliberately trying to spread panic among the audience in order to divert attention from internal problems. The DPR said that the Ukrainian security forces placed tanks and armored personnel carriers in Donbass “Europe is just consumable cannon fodder to make America great again, or, as the Yankees say,” collateral damage “, in their opinion. they stir up wastewater with their brains, to which Russia has to react to protect them, “Sapphire said & # 38; Steel. “It could provoke a serious conflict, but chances are it will not. It will cause endless irritation and anger in the corridors of power, the Daily Express will report the imminent third world war every day for a month in a row,” – Paphian sneers. ” DE is exaggerating a bit, don't you agree? “Third World War Warning: Russian Invasion To Reignite Devastating Global Conflict – Urgent Alarm.” Do you get the feeling that you are being manipulated to support a war that we and our allies are waging, not Russia? ” – said ThornInTheSide. American F-15s arrived in Romania to “strengthen NATO's presence” “If the United States and other countries had not poured billions of dollars into Ukraine to destabilize it, causing all the problems that we are seeing now, and would not begin to transfer missiles to the border with Russia, there would be no threat of war. We must understand that NATO is an extension of the United States, and its only purpose is to support the threat of conflict, providing an inflow of money for weapons manufacturers and bankers (who were the cause of all wars in recent history) “, – said the user with the nickname GC Recently, reports of Western media and statements by politicians about the threat of a Russian “invasion” of Ukraine due to the concentration of troops on the border of the two countries have become more frequent. As the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov pointed out, the Kremlin is moving the Armed Forces within its own territory and at its own discretion; these actions do not threaten anyone and should not bother anyone. Moscow emphasized that reports of Russian aggression were being used as a pretext for building up NATO forces in the border regions, while Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov noted that the number of Western instructors had increased in Donbas. In his opinion, this could provoke the Ukrainian authorities “into military adventures” and pose a direct threat to the security of Russia. in Ukraine


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