GENERICO.ruWorldThe financier warned which loans will devastate your wallet

The financier warned which loans will devastate your wallet

MOSCOW, Dec 16 The most common problem loans are those that are issued more simply and that is, consumer loans and credit cards, the investment strategist of BCS World of Investments Alexander Bakhtin told the Prime agency. According to him, no matter what loan the borrower chooses, it is important to be guided not by emotional decisions, but by thoughtful analysis. To avoid emotional purchases, it is a good idea to always have cash in your wallet. Cash payment is more conscious, the expert noted. “These are not necessarily large expenses. From a large number of small, thoughtless expenses, a large amount per month is obtained as a result. And if the means of payment is a credit card, then a person can empty the credit limit out of emotion and not find the money to replenish it. when the grace period ends, “states Bakhtin.


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