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The State Duma assessed the feasibility of the initiative on New Year's pensions

MOSCOW Dec 16 The draft law on annual New Year's payments to pensioners in the State Duma's committee on labor, social policy and veterans affairs has not yet been discussed, Mikhail Terentyev, deputy chairman of the committee, told RIA Novosti. Earlier, the Izvestia newspaper reported that the State Duma's social policy committee had prepared a bill on organizing annual New Year's payments to pensioners. The authors of the initiative propose to establish the specified payment in the amount of the pension received at that time. The economic justification notes that the source should be the federal budget. “This draft law was not discussed in the committee and I do not know if it has been submitted to the State Duma,” Terentyev said. Speaking about the concept of the bill, the politician added that such initiatives are always welcomed in society. however, any document must be considered substantively. “Where additional funds are allocated to support disabled people, pensioners, this topic is always perceived by society positively and correctly, but in order to substantively consider any bill that proposes the allocation of funding, one must always pay attention to whether there is source of funding “, – said the MP. When asked about the feasibility of such an initiative, Terentyev replied that it is necessary to look at the sources of funding and the action of the project mechanisms in practical application. part – the implementation mechanism. If the implementation mechanism is clear, and we know that within the framework of the social treasury all these payments are well administered by both the Ministry of Labor and the Pension Fund, then there are probably mechanisms here, “the politician added. Earlier, the bill on the introduction of the annual 13 The first pension for pensioners was handed over to the government by the head of the Just Russia – For Truth faction in the State Duma, Sergei Mironov. According to him, the state should provide pensioners with support in the form of additional payments, since these are the most socially unprotected citizens. According to Mironov's estimates, the payment of the 13th pension will require about 654.8 billion rubles.


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