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The USA wanted Europe to become part of Russia

MOSCOW, Dec 16. The constant talk of a possible Russian “invasion” has no basis, but even if it happens, Europe will only get better. This opinion was expressed by the American political scientist Selwyn Duke in an article for American Thinker. According to him, the creation of NATO to confront the USSR was a logical step, but modern Russia does not seek global expansion. As for Europe, it is gradually destroying itself with a policy of multiculturalism and “alien values” such as same-sex marriage. Tolerant school in the United States has canceled the dress code for Satanists “Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the floodgates for Islamic migration, clearly confirming the words of the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi that there is no need for jihadist terrorists, since more than 50 million Muslims are in Europe will turn it into an Islamic continent in two generations, “the author noted. He stressed that they agree with the ex-chancellor, for example, in Sweden, and in France there were proposals to create a semi-autonomous quasi-Shariat state inside the country in order to avoid a civil war. In turn, Russia adheres to “healthy nationalism”, rejecting “projects imposing on society alien values, “added Duke. The provision on marriage as a union of a man and a woman, in particular, has recently been enshrined in the country's Constitution. “Now the essence of the West is moral obsolescence. Earlier, when Russia was the USSR and our leftists loved it, we called them godless, and they called us decadents. . Now we are both atheists and decadents, “the political scientist thinks. ” Half crazy ” Who in Europe is against resolving the crisis with migrants? If Russia, the political scientist continued, decides to “invade” Western Europe and impose its own values, humanity is unlikely to lose anything. Moreover, Ukraine is not worth the US intervention, but they are trying to “drag” it into NATO in one way or another. Summing up, the author noted that the alliance has few chances to win in the confrontation with Russia, because, according to one high-ranking Polish officer, NATO stands for “No Action; Talk Only”. Read the full text of the article on the Inosmi website & gt; & gt;


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