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Criminal cases against two officials of the Gatchina region have already been opened on the trail of checks in a secondary school in the village of Lukashi after a scandalous renovation. The ex-head of the Gatchina Education Committee, Elena Glybina, is suspected of abuse of office and creating a threat to the life and health of children. Her former colleague, ex-head of the procurement department of the district administration, Georgy Vasiliev (both were fired amid criminal prosecution), is accused of taking bribes. Investigators do not rule out that the chain will reach the higher leaders.

Novaya has already talked about the conflict around poor-quality repairs in an educational institution, which cost the budget 36.2 million rubles. The director of the Lukashevsk secondary school, Maxim Mironkov, flatly refused to accept and pay for the work. Curators from the regional government threatened him with dismissal. Mironkov was not afraid. Moreover, he publicly announced the possible facts of corruption in the district education system. The conflict was made public in the media, after which pre-investigation and prosecutor's checks began simultaneously in Lukashi.

Thanks to the public outcry, the headmaster of the school managed to stay at his workplace in the summer. And information about corruption in the area was confirmed. In July, employees of the Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Leningrad Region, together with operatives of the regional FSB, red-handed the head of the procurement department of the Gatchina regional administration Georgy Vasilyev. According to the regional IC, Vasiliev received a bribe of 150 thousand rubles from an individual entrepreneur Artyom Zakharov. He, according to SPARK, since 2020, has often become a contractor when performing repair work in educational institutions of the Gatchina region. In addition, Zakharov turned out to be not only a successful businessman, but also an assistant to the deputy of the regional ZAKSs from United Russia Sergei Konyaev, as well as a former student of Elena Glybina (before being appointed to the administration, she worked at a school). Entrepreneurs who have also tried to get government contracts for the implementation of repair work at facilities in the Gatchina region, but have lost the tenders, claim that “their” firms are often the winners here.

RemSpetsTech JSC, a contractor who did not cope with the repairs at the Lukashevskaya school, was suspended from work at the facility. Then local officials brought in another company. The head of the Gatchina region, Lyudmila Neshchadim, told reporters that at the end of July, the regional education committee signed a donation agreement with Zapstroy LLC. According to him, the builders pledged to carry out renovation of the building free of charge. What RemSpetsTekh needed a year to do, Zapstroy was instructed to do it in a month. Contractors are not magicians and have failed to accomplish the impossible. But it was more important for the district administration to formally accept the object, even with significant deficiencies. Despite the protests of the parents of students and teachers of the Lukashevsk school, on August 30, an acceptance certificate was drawn up for the work performed, signed by Elena Glybina and the director of Zapstroy. In September, the State Construction Supervision Service did not accept repairs at the Lukashevskaya school, but this did not stop the officials either.

“Since September 1, our children were forced to study in unfinished premises, which threatened their health and life. Since everything was not done according to the regulations, with gross violations, “commented Milana Guseva, a representative of the parent committee of the Lukashevsk school, to Novaya Gazeta.

representative of Milana Gusev's school, Lukash , shows wet walls at school: no waterproofing of facades. Photo: Mikhail Maslennikov/for “Novaya”

The Education Committee of the Gatchina region was in a hurry not only to hand over the repairs in Lukashi, but also to carry it out on paper. This was exactly what Mironkov prevented, discovering the discrepancy between the work performed and the amounts allegedly spent on it. On November 8, the head of the educational institution was fired under Art. 278, part 1, paragraph 2 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation “Additional grounds for terminating the employment contract with the head of the organization.” – explained to “Novaya” Mironkov. –

Despite the fact that I was fired, it did not work. All the same, Glybina had to be dismissed, against whom a criminal case has now been initiated. ”

The ex-chairman of the district education committee is accused of abuse of office (Article 285, Part 1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). According to the investigation, the official, being an official and realizing that the school building in Lukashi could not be put into operation, as it did not pass the safety check due to gross violations during construction, issued an order for the school to operate normally with September 1, 2021.

“By her actions, she violated the interests of the Gatchina municipal district and citizens,” the press service of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Leningrad Region reported. – This was expressed in the creation of a threat to the life and health of schoolchildren. In the criminal case, investigative and operational measures are continuing, aimed at clarifying all the circumstances, as well as the reasons and conditions that contributed to the commission of the crime. Other episodes of the suspect's criminal activity are being established. ”

“The situation with repairs in Lukashi is a pre-planned and worked-out scheme, and not only at our school, but also at other educational institutions of the Gatchina region,” says Mironkov. – I am convinced that all connections go up. Everything that Glybina did could not be unknown to the head of the administration and not agreed with her. When the investigation gives answers to the main questions about Glybina, then the question will inevitably arise as to who authorized all of her decisions and all of her actions. And the answer will come naturally. ”

Elena Glybina, who willingly commented on the troubles that befell Mironkov, refused to comment on her own.

The administration of the Gatchina region also does not answer questions, redirecting them to investigators.

The investigation of criminal cases opened against officials of the Gatchina region is now under control in the central office of the RF IC. In addition, in early December, the head of the department, Alexander Bastrykin, instructed the head of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Leningrad Region, Sergei Sazin, to check the legality and fairness of the dismissal of Maxim Mironkov. Its results are still unknown.

Last week, the director of the Lukashevskaya school appealed against his dismissal in the Gatchina district court. The claim will be considered shortly.


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