GENERICO.ruWorldUS intelligence agencies were analyzing theories about the USSR's "involvement" in the Kennedy assassination

US intelligence agencies were analyzing theories about the USSR's “involvement” in the Kennedy assassination

WASHINGTON Dec 15 Theories about the USSR's involvement in the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy did not leave the reports of the American intelligence services for many years after the crime, according to published archival documents. In one of the documents, the CIA examines in detail a book by Robert Anson in 1976 about the trip of in particular, the passage that he received a visa in record time. Usually a visa is given in a week or two, and Oswald received it faster, the author of the report points out. “The commission considers it suspicious that Oswald received a visa in two to four days, without being present at the Soviet embassy,” the office in Helsinki points out. 1978, it is said that there is a likelihood of assistance to Oswald from the USSR for a trip to the country, but this is not confirmed by the fact of an accelerated issuance of a visa. talked to Oswald. There is also an indication of the presence of photographs of “a man who leaves the Soviet embassy on October 1” – an athletic, American, 35 years old and two meters tall. Oswald on November 23, as follows from the documents, “may have called the Soviet embassy in Mexico City.” John F. Kennedy was shot dead in Dallas on November 22, 1963. Investigation established that the murder was committed by Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone. Oswald was shot and killed two days after his arrest. For more than half a century, numerous theories have arisen about who could benefit from Kennedy's assassination, but none of them received official confirmation. A week after Kennedy's death, a commission of inquiry was created to investigate the circumstances of the murder, it included seven people, and was headed by Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court Earl Warren. Almost all of the commission's materials were published; Congress in 1992 decided to collect and consolidate all documents on the Kennedy assassination into the national archives. Postponement of the publication of information, the release of which could harm defense security or the work of special services, was allowed. The materials will be published since 2017. The CIA was told about the “involvement” of the USSR in the Kennedy assassination


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