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Emergency Situations Minister compared the situation in coal mines to smoking on a powder keg

MOSCOW, 17 Dec. Acting Emergencies Minister Alexander Chupriyan assessed the situation with safety control at coal mines in Russia, comparing neglect of regulations with smoking on a powder keg. “Where technological processes involve risk, absolutely all participants must have iron production discipline. In this case, constant honest monitoring of the concentration of methane in coal mines is required, and not the creation of its visibility, “Chupriyan said in an interview with RBC. According to him, lack of proper supervision is a direct path to trouble, to an emergency.” You can smoke on a powder keg. , but at the same time, the cigarette butts should be thrown exactly into the trash can, but not side by side. All participants in the process – from ordinary performers to management – should be aware of this, “the minister added. November 26, 17:15″ These are fathers, brothers, husbands. ” Mourning for those killed at the Listvyazhnaya mine As Chupriyan said, at Listvyazhnaya, water is being pumped out and the equipment of the mine is being restored. He stressed that the families of the deceased workers spoke in favor of continuing the functioning of Listvyazhnaya. Methane exploded in Listvyazhnaya on November 25, when there were 285 people underground. They managed to withdraw most of them, mine rescuers went after the rest, after a while they were recalled due to the threat of an explosion, but not all managed to get out – five employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations were killed. In total, 51 people became victims of the tragedy.

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