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Ex-Pentagon employee suspected of spying for Russia

WASHINGTON, Dec 16 Former Pentagon contract worker Jane Murray Rowe arrested on suspicion of attempted espionage in favor of Russia, according to the US Department of Justice. Rowe, 63, has worked for various companies contracted by the US Department of Defense for about 40 years and had access to top secret information about aerospace technology of the US Air Force. The suspect was detained in South Dakota. At the same time, the FBI does not declare that Rowe somehow contacted Russia: on the contrary, he got into the network of a sham operation of the American special services and agreed to cooperate with an FBI agent whom he considered “an agent of the Russian authorities.” He faces up to life imprisonment. “After committing a series of security violations and showing an active interest in events in Russia, including the question of whether he can obtain access to top secret information from the Russian government, Rowe identified as a potential threat and fired from the defense company where he worked, “- said the FBI. After that, the FBI conducted an operation to provoke Rowe. In March 2020, a Bureau agent posing as a Russian met Rowe and corresponded with him for eight months. He confirmed “his desire to work with the Russian government and discuss his knowledge in the field of classified information concerning the national security and military interests of the United States,” the Justice Department said. The dummy agent ultimately obtained classified information from him about the electronic countermeasures used on U.S. military aircraft, resulting in Rowe being arrested and charged with attempting to transmit national defense information to foreign authorities. He will appear before the court on Friday.


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