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Guberniev: Garanichev and Eliseev barely move their legs

MOSCOW, Dec 16, Alexander Govorov. Biathletes Evgeny Garanichev and Matvey Eliseev at In training, they barely move their legs and show the level of the Russian Cup, said sports commentator Dmitry Guberniev. Eliseev finished 16th in the individual race at the IBU Cup in Obertilliach, Austria. Garanichev took 21st place. Both athletes started the season at the World Cup. The best of the Russians was Maxim Tsvetkov, who took third place. Anton Babikov finished fourth. “I want to congratulate Tsvetkov on the fact that he returned to the international level. And I want to ask a few questions to our biathlon coaches: what Garanichev and Eliseev are doing … The coaches, the scientific group, they did not see that the athletes were not ready not only to run at the World Cup, but even at the IBU Cup level? Why bring them to the World Cup? Garanichev did not pass a single test race.What did the coaching staff and the RBU hope for when they brought unprepared athletes to the World Cup? They show the level of the Cup Russia. Can't you see during training that they can barely move their legs? ” – said Guberniev. The commentator also expressed doubts that Tsvetkov, who took third place in the individual race at the IBU Cup, is ready to compete in the World Cup. “Tsvetkov at the World Cup? with her you can go to the Olympics. I understand the logic of the coaches from the point of view of the relay. But it's hard to tell from one race of Tsvetkov. If in the remaining races they show the first or second time, then, of course, they must be transported to the base in January. The composition will be determined after Ruhpolding to the Olympics. Most likely, five people will go to the Games. And so far I don't really see Babikov and Tsvetkov there, “Guberniev added.


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