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NATO expressed readiness for dialogue with Russia

MOSCOW, Dec 17 NATO is ready to work on measures aimed at building confidence with Russia. The relevant information is contained in the widespread statement of the North Atlantic Alliance: “If Russia takes concrete steps to reduce tensions, we are ready to work on strengthening confidence-building measures.” Alliance Concerns: Relations with Ukraine NATO's statement also states that Russia should not interfere in relations between the alliance and Ukraine. “Relations between NATO and Ukraine concern exclusively Ukraine itself and thirty states of the alliance,” the document says. NATO again threatened that “any attack on Ukraine would have large-scale consequences.” I agree with Moscow's assertion that the alliance and Ukraine are “carrying out provocations.” The United States assessed the possibility of a “deal” between Russia and NATO NATO's enlargement has expanded over the past two years, despite protests from Russia, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said earlier. He added that the members of the bloc will remain faithful to their policies in the future and will contribute to Ukraine's aspirations to join the alliance. According to him, Russia should understand that Kiev itself can choose the course of the country, and the fate of Ukraine's membership in the bloc will be decided by the allies. Putin discussed Ukraine and NATO's eastward expansion with Johnson to the East. During a recent conversation with his American counterpart Joe Biden, the Russian leader recalled that the alliance's eastward advance and the deployment of offensive weapons in Ukraine are red lines for Moscow. As the head of state pointed out, Russia is “seriously interested in obtaining reliable, legally fixed guarantees” that exclude such a scenario. Blinken named the only for Ukraine's entry into NATO


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