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Nine reasons to add ginger to your diet

Ginger & # 8212; it is tasty and healthy.

If you care about your health and beauty, you definitely cannot do without ginger – this superfood is useful for literally all systems of our body. Hearth.

Ginger is a great buy because ginger & # 8230;

& # 8230; Reduces inflammation

Ginger is a natural weapon against inflammation, viruses and & nbsp; even bacteria. Ginger broth helps with & nbsp; sore throat, compresses from & nbsp; weak (very weak, otherwise there may be irritation) help from & nbsp; inflammations on & nbsp; face, whatever they may be caused, finally, ginger tea is a recognized remedy for & nbsp; flu and & nbsp; colds. The main thing is not to & nbsp; be too strong.

& # 8230; Helps burn fat

In all the tips for speeding up your metabolism, you will definitely come across a recommendation to eat more ginger – and & nbsp; this is not surprising. A cup of ginger tea on the & nbsp; day helps you feel fuller – which means you refrain from & nbsp; unnecessary snacks and & nbsp; eat less as a result. And the spicy taste of ginger makes the body more actively burn calories – and & nbsp; makes the metabolism a little faster.

& # 8230; Accelerates hair growth

A mask of & nbsp; coconut oil and & nbsp; ginger juice is an effective remedy that stimulates the “dormant” hair follicles, thereby helping to fight hair loss and & nbsp; stimulating the growth of new ones. Do this mask once a week and you will notice the difference very soon.

& # 8230; Fights skin aging

The antioxidants found in ginger not only reduce skin cell damage and inflammation, but also increase the production of collagen, which is essential for skin smoothness and firmness. In addition, ginger helps fight age spots by rubbing the spots with a piece of fresh ginger two to three times a day. The result will be noticeable in a month and a half.

& # 8230; Helps to get rid of acne

The antiseptic and antioxidant ingredients of ginger are an excellent weapon against acne-causing bacteria. In addition, ginger helps skin renewal and & nbsp; improves blood circulation. Just add some fresh ginger juice to your favorite & nbsp; face mask (just don't & nbsp; get carried away!).

& # 8230; Eliminates dandruff

Another useful property of ginger: anti-inflammatory and & nbsp; antiseptic substances included in its composition help to fight & nbsp; dandruff, and also alleviate its symptoms such as itching and & nbsp; dry skin. For & nbsp; treatment, mix in & nbsp; 1: 1 ratio jojoba oil and & nbsp; grated ginger and & nbsp; rub the resulting mixture into & nbsp; scalp.

& # 8230; Reduces cellulite

Ginger increases blood circulation, increases blood circulation and blood regeneration – and thus helps to fight cellulite. Mix a glass of sugar with lemon juice (half a lemon), olive oil (half a glass) and grated ginger (4 tablespoons) – and use this anti-cellulite scrub every time you shower.

& # 8230; Accelerates wound healing and & nbsp ; abrasions

The antiseptic and & nbsp; anti-inflammatory properties of ginger are simply irreplaceable for the & nbsp; treatment of wounds and & nbsp; abrasions: firstly, it disinfects wounds, and, secondly, accelerates healing, enhancing cell regeneration. Just pat the wound with a piece of fresh ginger and & nbsp; it will heal faster.

& # 8230; Helps in the & nbsp; prevention of dementia

Ginger can reduce inflammation in many important parts of our body – including the brain. Research has shown that regular consumption of ginger helps protect the brain against the development of age-related cognitive impairment and helps fight memory and cognitive impairment. Another reason to add ginger to your daily diet!


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