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Pushkov named the reason for a possible military conflict between Russia and NATO

MOSCOW, 18 Dec. Senator Alexei Pushkov said on the air of the Moscow Says radio that the expansion of military cooperation between NATO and Ukraine is practically preparation for a war with Russia.

& # 34; NATO's entry to our joint border with Ukraine, which is extended, this is already a casus belli (reason for declaring war. – Ed.), it is practically a preparation for war. And why, in fact, NATO should accept Ukraine into its structure, if not to prepare a springboard out of it in order to threaten Russia & # 34; – said Pushkov.

The politician stressed that the alliance does not even need to implement its militaristic plans officially grant membership to Kiev.

& # 34; It is possible, using the mood of its leadership, to make it an informal member of the alliance, that is, not to give it obligations in terms of its defense. But to saturate it with weapons, to turn it into such a militarized fist that can be used against Russia. I think that NATO is now leaning towards this & # 34 ;, – he explained.

The senator pointed out that the NATO leadership does not want to enter into a military conflict with a nuclear-armed Russia because of Ukraine's territorial claims. that NATO is trying to impose a dialogue on Russia from a position of strength and force Moscow to fulfill the conditions of the West. At the same time, military preparations are underway under the guise of such a dialogue. Antonov accused the United States of violating red lines across Ukraine


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