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Doctors talk about the benefits of green bananas

Ripe bananas will not harm those who do not suffer from heartburn.

Unripe bananas have several surprising benefits. Gastroenterologist and nutritionist Alena Potasheva on her Facebook page. According to her, such bananas are much healthier than ripe ones and have a good effect on the digestive system. There is more valuable fiber and less bloating sugars. Plus leukocyanidin, which contributes to the development of the gastric mucosa and reduces the feeling of heartburn & # 187; – said the expert.

For those who do not bother with heartburn, Potasheva advised to eat ripe bananas, which are rich in various carbohydrates. She also called the fruit an ideal snack for athletes and noted that it contains an excellent portion of biogenic amines that help improve mood and health.

Ultimately, the specialist refuted the conventional opinion that bananas should not be eaten on dinner, but advised to refrain from eating them before bed.


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