GENERICO.ruMedicineThe types of physical activity that can shorten life are named

The types of physical activity that can shorten life are named

Exercise can be harmful to health.

Japanese lifestyle research showed that people whose work required constant and intense physical exertion died earlier, reports with reference to RBC-Ukraine.

Scientists found that the overactive group had significantly shorter lifespans than the groups that could work while sitting. The results indicate that too much physical activity can negatively affect health.

Researchers studied the occupations of just under 700 artists belonging to one of four traditional Japanese occupations. At the same time, one of the types of traditional Japanese theater Kabuki requires great physical exertion.

Kabuki performances involve fast movement and continuous practice to stay fit between performances. These artists' performances were also the longest in the study, with an average of four hours per show.

Another study found that performing artists are prone to injury and health problems.

According to the data Scientists, 88% of Kabuki performers suffered from health problems arising from the occupation. The most common injuries were the back, knee and foot.

It is also not worth giving up physical activity at all

There is ample evidence that moderate exercise prolongs life. The study also included a control group consisting of members of the royal family.

Among the representatives of the imperial line, there are also people who died early. This despite better access to health care and better nutrition.

Researchers suggest this is caused by a combination of stress and lack of exercise. Unbalanced nutrition also plays a role.

Another study has shown that exercise is more beneficial for longevity when done in moderation and stopped until exhaustion.

One study from the journal Cell Metabolism has linked excessive high-intensity exercise to mitochondrial insufficiency.

Mitochondria & # 8212; it is the component of the cells of the body responsible for the production of energy. Mitochondrial disruption is associated with impaired glucose tolerance, potentially increasing the risk of diabetes.


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