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The Union of Winegrowers and Winemakers commented on Putin's instructions

MOSCOW, Dec 20 The instructions of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on the development of measures for the further development of Russian viticulture and winemaking will give the industry a new impetus for large-scale growth, said President of the Union of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Russia Leonid Popovich. Putin instructed the government to work out proposals on measures for the development of the viticulture and winemaking industries in the country, which concerned the introduction of traceability systems for the quality of raw materials and products, expansion and agricultural protection of vineyards and availability of crop insurance. December 15, 12:59 pm Krasnodar Territory The art of wine: wine tourism routes of the Krasnodar Territory The President also expects the executive authorities to approve a set of measures to increase the promotion of domestic wine products in the domestic market, as well as to train professional personnel and scientific activities. “These orders are an additional impetus to the industry. A lot has already been done, and the president's orders are a continuation of the large-scale work that has begun,” Popovich told RIA Novosti. union, noting that the instructions are aimed at solving all important and topical issues that currently concern the industry the most. Fanagoria began exporting wine to France “We will look forward to those plans, those roadmaps, those measures that will be developed by the government,” Popovich said. He is confident that the government will develop specific, clear, detailed measures, based on which the industry will be able to develop further. “The instructions issued by the President show how well and loudly it is said about the development of viticulture and winemaking in Russia, about its potential,” concluded Popovich . Vincenzo Trani: there will be no 100% Italian wine deficit in Russia basic document for the industry. It establishes the legal and organizational framework for the production, circulation and consumption of viticulture and winemaking products, aims to improve the quality and competitiveness of domestic wines, and also introduces the concept of “Wine of Russia”, which means wines made from domestic grapes. November 2021, a decision was made to form an association “The Federal Self-Regulatory Organization of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Russia”. In accordance with the amendments to the law on viticulture and winemaking, which entered into force in July, a significant part of the regulatory state powers in this area is subject to transfer to the SRO. It's not beer that ruins the budget: who hid billions of rubles


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