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Beijing opposes Western criticism of Hong Kong parliamentary elections

BEIJING Dec 21 elections, strongly condemns their interference in the internal affairs of the PRC, said at a briefing on Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian. Earlier, the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia expressed serious concern about the “destruction of democratic elements” of Hong Kong's electoral system during the elections to the legislature. The Hong Kong authorities opposed attempts to slander the past elections “In response to the collusion of certain Western countries that make irresponsible statements about the elections to the Hong Kong Legislative Assembly of the seventh convocation, the Chinese side expresses strong condemnation and resolutely opposes their gross interference in the internal affairs of the PRC.” The diplomat said earlier that the Hong Kong government also protested the statement of these countries. For the first time since a major electoral reform, elections to the Hong Kong legislature were held on December 19, with a record low turnout in accordance with the principle “Hong Kong is ruled by patriots.” According to the voting results, pro-Beijing candidates won. The Chinese Parliament in March approved a plan to reform the electoral system of Hong Kong, which involves changing the procedure for the election of the head of administration and the formation of the legislative assembly, and is also intended to ensure the implementation of the principle of “Hong Kong is ruled by patriots” and is paired with the law on national security prevent a repeat of the 2019 riots: The reform has drew criticism and concern from a number of Western countries who believe the change is undermining Hong Kong's autonomy. In response, the Chinese Foreign Ministry traditionally states that Hong Kong issues are an internal matter of the PRC, and all attempts to get into Hong Kong affairs and put pressure on China are doomed to failure. The head of the Hong Kong administration received a letter with threats and a blade


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