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“It is impossible to work with a dumb”: Slava Kaminska spoke about the scandals in “NeAngels”

The star voiced her version of the scandals in the group.

Scandal between Slava Kaminskaya and Viktoria Smeyukha have not yet subsided. Slava gave a new interview, in which she accused her former colleague of beating and & # 171; stupidity & # 187; the topic of relations with Victoria Smeyukha. Former soloists of the group & # 171; NeAngely & # 187; alternately accuse each other of abuse. This time, Slava Kaminskaya said that Victoria was beating her too.

Slava Kaminskaya about her relationship with Vika Smeyukha

& # 171; There are some troubles in every women's team, but no one walks around and cannot stand it: & # 171; I was beaten! & # 187 ;. She beat me too when I was pregnant, so what? I don't go to all the under-media, under-bloggers who think they are journalists, and I don't talk about this bullshit. I will not deal with this mud, yuh. We have been working for 15 years. Well, why? I don’t go and don’t talk about what she was for lying on her pillow, but it was not a pillow, but my place, where she put her pillow, she began to curse me and my children. Yes, you people first, and then curse & # 187; – shared the performer.

The singer added that she tried to leave the band more than 5 times. All that kept her was large fees that helped her provide for the children and help her mother.

Because I could not communicate with her. I can't stand stupidity. Maybe I am an abuser, maybe I was engaged in bullying, but it is impossible to work with a dumb one for so many years,
– said Slava Kaminska.

The performer said that she would not improve relations with the Smeyukha. & # 171; I don’t want to, you can talk with a person who understands you and who has a brain. Let all her fans curse me, but that's the way it is. Well look at these concerts. In the same place I added letters to words, and words to sentences & # 8230; Every concert I had a Spanish shame. What she said & # 8230; & # 187; – shared the star.

The scandal with & # 171; Nonangels & # 187;

  • Even before the collapse of the duet & # 171; NeAngely & # 187; conflicts often occurred between Victoria and Slava. But a few weeks ago, there was a public quarrel between the ex-colleagues. It began with a video from Slava, where she allegedly humiliated Vika, and continued with a video from the Smeyukha, where she cuts and eats a cake with a picture of Kaminskaya's face.
  • Slava Kaminskaya called Vika's act & # 171; vulgar & # 187; , although according to Smeyukha, in fact, she called the artist and scolded her for the video.
  • Viktoria Smeyukha subsequently gave an interview, where she spoke about the bullying by Slava Kaminska. She admitted that the ex-colleague allegedly could hit her, pull out her hair and humiliate her.
  • Slava told her version of the relationship in the team. The celebrity believes that Laughing has published a video with a cake and gives & # 171; ugly interviews & # 187; because he wants to gain popularity before the release of a new song. She confirmed that there really was a situation with the torn hair, but it was Laughing who started the conflict.
  • Kaminskaya is sure that Vika provokes almost all quarrels. Now the singer does not even want to say hello to the ex-colleague, and because of her offensive video and many interviews, she canceled the concerts of & # 171; NeAngelov & # 187 ;.


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