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Kaliningrad Governor spoke about “exchange of pleasantries” with NATO

KALININGRAD, 21 Dec The frequency of NATO reconnaissance aircraft around the Kaliningrad region has increased recently But Russian aviation also flies near NATO borders, which is nice, said the head of the region Anton Alikhanov in an interview with RIA Novosti. The Russian Defense Ministry regularly announces flights of NATO reconnaissance aircraft near the borders of Russia. On several occasions Russian fighters have taken off to escort the alliance's planes trying to approach the Russian borders. “The frequency has certainly increased, but, as far as I understand, they cannot see anything here that they cannot see from space. This is more of a border check. how quickly we react, see or not see. Standard exchange of courtesies between the military, “Alikhanov said, answering the question whether he perceives NATO's attention as a threat.” Our pilots also fly, which is nice. We hear them, we see them, Everything is fine. Our aviation is also doing well with its tracking and detection systems, “he added. – NATO on the military line


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