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Russia has created a unique rifle for NATO cartridges

MOSCOW, Dec 21 The unique multi-caliber rifle DXL-5 “Ravager” (export name – Havoc), which is capable of firing both NATO countries 12.7 x 99 millimeters and Russian 12.7 x 108 cartridges, is being tested in Russia, the CEO told RIA Novosti developer Lobaev Arms Vladislav Lobaev. “The main feature of the new rifle is its modularity. On the Ravager, we were the first to implement the ability for snipers to change barrels for two calibers at once – NATO .50 BMG (12.7 x 99) and domestic 12.7 x 108 millimeters, depending on the combat mission facing him. This significantly increases its export prospects, “he said. The developer emphasized that the DXL-5 has a 0.5 arc minute firing accuracy, which is unique for the 12.7 caliber. The rifle shoots four times as accurately as its American competitor Barret (2 arc minutes). Lobaev noted that such a high accuracy for a large-caliber rifle and an effective range of fire (about 2300 meters versus 1800 for Barret) will allow the Ravager to perform one of the most difficult tasks – fighting enemy sniper units. -5, the interlocutor of the agency took the damper device on the butt, which significantly reduces the effect of the recoil of the rifle, which weighs 13 kilograms. “The Ravager” is not just a sniper rifle, but also a “laboratory” for developing new calibers. We have developed four new calibers especially for her, which we plan to test in the near future. If everything goes well, we will be able to achieve simply unique firing range indicators for weapons of this class, “Lobaev noted. At present, another development of Lobaev Arms,” ​​Dusk “, is recognized as the longest-range rifle in the world. With this weapon, Russian Andrey Ryabinsky set a world record, hitting a target at a distance of 4210 meters.


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