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The analyst called the situation when it is worth saving in foreign currency

MOSCOW, Dec 21 It is advisable to keep savings in foreign currency only in one case, the analyst believes service Dmitry Sysoev. When exactly, he told in an interview with radio Sputnik . Transferring money in dollars and euros in order to accumulate them, and then invest in real estate, teaching children or buying a car, often leads to the loss of some funds due to the difference between the rate of selling and buying currency at the bank, noted Sysoev.

& # 34; If you want to make a purchase in the next six months, it makes no sense to transfer money into foreign currency. The likelihood of losing part of the deferred money due to the different selling and buying rates of foreign exchange is greater than the risk of a sharp devaluation of the ruble & # 34; – Sysoev believes.

According to the analyst, foreign exchange savings are justified only if you are going to spend them no earlier than five years. The financier named currencies that are not in danger of devaluation “If we are talking about the accumulation of funds for” global “purchases, which will be carried out in about five years or more, then it is worth converting the savings into foreign currency. For example, if you want to buy real estate in the future, transport funds, pay for tuition, and so on. The specified period corresponds to the periods of ruble devaluation “, – explained the analyst. Short-term storage of money in foreign currency is advisable if you are planning a trip abroad and are not going to convert savings back into rubles before spending them. < img src = "/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/9ff758087c080b0adbde9eb7c9eda070.jpg" />The financier explained how it is profitable to buy currency “Here we are talking more about comfort (and not about financial gain, – Ed.). So that a person does not have to buy foreign currency at the last moment before the trip, which corresponds to the one used in the country of visit. “, – explained the analyst. He recommends saving money in foreign currency gradually, monthly replenishing his savings.

& # 34; save 50-100 euros a month, buying them immediately when they appear in the budget (appropriate funds, Ed. note). That is, monthly & # 34 ;, – advised Sysoev.

You should always keep large sums of money in the bank, regardless of whether you keep them in Russian or foreign, the expert added. The ruble is back in the top 20 most popular currencies in the world


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