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Britons warned of “shock” over skyrocketing gas prices

MOSCOW, 22 Dec. UK electricity bills could skyrocket due to fuel crisis in Europe (124 thousand rubles). According to the analyst of the company Investec Martin Young, given the increased cost of raw materials, the marginal tariff for electricity may jump in April by 56 percent – up to 2000 pounds sterling (195 thousand rubles). “This will be a shock for many, will have the consequences in the form of an increase in own expenses, inflation and fuel poverty “, – the specialist predicted. The article notes that most British power plants burn gas to generate electricity. The fuel crisis in Europe has led to a sharp rise in the cost of this process. The rise in gas prices on the continent began in April-May. In early October, they surpassed the $ 1,000 mark. The all-time high of $ 2,190 per thousand cubic meters was recorded on December 21. Experts believe that the fuel market is in a fever due to the low level of filling of gas storage facilities in Europe, as well as the increased demand for LNG in Asia. Wholesale energy prices have also been affected by cold weather and inefficiencies in wind farms this season. gas prices


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