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Forbes spoke about Ukraine's “chilling” prospect

MOSCOW, Dec 22 In the event of a “war” between Russia and Ukraine, the latter will face Kalibr missiles in the Black Sea region, which is unlikely to be able to oppose anything, writes Forbes. “If Russia implements its latent threat and launches a war against Ukraine, expect a new front will open … at sea. The impact of naval battles may extend deep into the mainland. Some Ukrainian leaders may even be under fire. This chilling prospect is explained by the fact that Russia is rapidly modernizing its Black Sea Fleet, “says author David Ex. In Kiev, promised to increase the number of naval aviation According to him, Russia is actively building new ships, submarines and “perhaps the most important” – missiles “Caliber”, which can cover many hundreds of kilometers. The author cites the opinion of British experts Siddhart Kaushal and Sam Cranny-Evans, who, in their study for the Royal Joint Institute for Defense Research in London, pointed to a “significant recapitalization” of the Black Sea Fleet. As Aix writes, by 2014 the Russian fleet in the Black Sea was “really weak “: almost all the main ships were built in Soviet times. However, after reunification with Crimea, a radical modernization began, and in seven years the Black Sea Fleet was transformed. “In 2014, the Black Sea Fleet lacked missiles to strike land targets. Today, a third of the ships in the fleet are capable of firing Caliber missiles. Drones are used to help launch the missiles. and manned reconnaissance aircraft, “the author emphasizes. On average, as noted by Aix, the ships of the Black Sea Fleet are not very large, while even the corvettes are armed with “Caliber”. According to him, at present, Ukraine's potential in preventing attacks from the sea is limited. “Kiev is acquiring new ground-based anti-ship missiles, as well as Bayraktar TB2 drones, which help to detect targets. However, the offensive potential of the Black Sea Fleet is growing faster and more efficiently than the defense capabilities of the Ukrainian one,” the author states. Recently, the West is increasingly claiming that Russia is preparing an “invasion” of Ukraine. Moscow denies this, emphasizing that no one is threatened, and the movement of troops on their own territory should not bother anyone. As the Kremlin has repeatedly noted, such attacks are used as an excuse to place more military equipment and forces of the North Atlantic Alliance on Russian borders. Vladimir Putin, in turn, stated that Moscow would regard the appearance of weapons on the territory of a neighboring country and other threats to state security as red lines. “/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/0be55f31f07743a13e221ddbd3a5cb63.jpg” /> The Pentagon has promised to continue military operations in the Black Sea


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