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Gas price in Europe exceeded $ 2,000 per thousand cubic meters

MOSCOW, 22 Dec. The price of gas on the European market again exceeded the mark of $ 2,000 per thousand cubic meters, follows from the data of the London ICE exchange. The price of January futures at the opening of the site slightly exceeded $ 2030, and at 11:29 fell to $ 1847.9, which 12.3% below Tuesday's estimated price ($ 2106.2). The last hour, the cost fluctuates in the range of 2015-2070 dollars and shows a decrease of 1.7-4.5%. LNG tankers change course to Europe due to the jump in gas prices, the media reported.The average price of quotations last month was $ 960, and by December 21, according to RIA Novosti, this figure soared by more than 40% and approached the $ 1,370 mark. The spot price reached almost $ 950 in November, and has now exceeded $ 1,280. Gas prices in Europe began to rise in April-May, and in early October they exceeded the $ 1,000 mark. The historical maximum – 2190.4 dollars per thousand cubic meters – was recorded on December 21. There have been no such figures on the European market in the entire history of gas hubs' operation since 1996. Experts attribute this to the low level of UGS occupancy in Europe, limited supply from major suppliers and high demand for liquefied natural gas in Asia. Now the market is also affected by the weather and uncertainty with the certification of the Nord Stream 2 operator.


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