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How not to get into an accident on a winter road: the police gave advice

There are several rules for drivers to avoid bad weather consequences.

The patrol police in Telegram gave advice on how to avoid a traffic accident on a winter road, reports with reference to

You should not be self-confident if the driving experience , the condition of the car or the weather conditions are in doubt.

It is worth checking the condition of the car: tires, headlights, windshield wipers, battery and brake operation in an open area.

Law enforcers advise to drive smoothly, avoid sudden movements steer, use the pedals evenly and deliberately, keep your distance and brake ahead of time.

“A winter road requires a different speed setting, choose a safe speed. Be aware of the potentially dangerous sections on the winter road: intersections, unregulated pedestrian crossings, stops (where vehicles slow down, stop or start moving), as well as bridges and overpasses that freeze at low temperatures, ”the patrolmen noted.

They also recommend keeping a close eye on other road users and foreseeing their maneuvers.

Do not forget that pedestrians may fall on slippery surfaces. When approaching pedestrian crossings and educational institutions (schools, kindergartens), it is necessary to reduce the speed to a minimum.


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