GENERICO.ruWorldIn Tobolsk, a man was detained for hiding stolen shoes under a Christmas tree in a shopping center

In Tobolsk, a man was detained for hiding stolen shoes under a Christmas tree in a shopping center

TYUMEN, 22 Dec A resident of Tobolsk imperceptibly took out, first from the store, and then from the shopping center, 10 pairs of shoes and two bottles of perfume, before that he hid the boxes of shoes under the New Year tree in the shopping center, the suspect was detained, the press service of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Tyumen region reported. Tobolsk, who stole 10 pairs of shoes from a store and hid them under a New Year tree. A representative of a shoe store located in a shopping center reported the theft to the police. The amount of damage was more than 20 thousand rubles, “the police said. A man who hijacked an ambulance was detained in the Omsk region A representative of the store told the police that on the way to the store he met a young man with a large stack of shoe boxes, at his workplace he found 10 pairs of moccasins, sneakers, and sneakers missing. The sellers explained that no one was buying that much, and the guard said that such goods were not taken out of the shopping center. The suspect was identified by CCTV cameras. The investigators established that a previously convicted 29-year-old man who was already involved in three criminal cases of theft was involved in the crime. It was not difficult for him to commit another crime: in the pavilion, the sellers did not pay attention to him, he put boxes of shoes on top of each other, carried them out of the store and hid them under the New Year tree in the mall. Later he returned for the stolen goods, put the shoes from the packages into his backpack and left the shopping center, having stolen two bottles of perfume in another store. The suspect was detained, he confessed to the theft, explaining that he sold the stolen shoes in the clothing market for 10 thousand rubles. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia “Tobolsk” has initiated criminal cases on the grounds of a crime under part 1 of Article 158 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Theft”, the press service of the regional police reported. In Primorye, a repeat offender climbed under the bathtub to escape the police


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