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Opposition leader went to talks with President of Abkhazia Bzhania

SUKHUM, 21 Dec. Leader of the Abkhazian opposition Adgur Ardzinba went to negotiations with the President of Bzhazia The talks are being held in parliament, their details have not been specified. Earlier, the Abkhaz security forces used smoke bombs to disperse the opposition, which was trying to break through to the parliament building in the center of Sukhum. Shots and explosions were heard. The protesters rocked buses blocking the path to the complex of government buildings. After a short break, they again tried to break through to the building, but the security forces did not allow them to do so. The opposition – about 500 people – gathered in the city center to protest over the “failed work” of the authorities to protect the population from the coronavirus, energy crisis, political harassment of opponents. At the same time, the opposition called on law enforcement agencies not to follow orders opposing them to the people, and asked President Bzhania “not to leave the territory of Abkhazia on the day of the rally.” The opposition set up shelters from rain near the square, brought water and food.


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