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Reddit Users Find Out Who Generates Anti-Russian Hysteria

MOSCOW, 22 Dec. Users of the American Reddit forum asked themselves where a huge amount of anti-Russian content has recently come from on this large platform, as well as where are the mysterious “pro-Russian bots.” , last month someone turned the switch to anti-Russian content again. Do you have an opinion on what is going on? ” – wrote donkanator. In response, commentators suggested their versions. “A year ago, when I signed up on Reddit, it was the same. And when I read the posts in 2016-2019, there was a lot of anti-Russian hysteria because of Trump. I have always feared and hated people from the East: Slavs (and especially Russians), Chinese, Muslims, etc. Because the average Western person knows nothing about them, except for the outdated stereotypes that Western media stuff him with from infancy. Russian attacks on Ukraine, tomorrow they will find another “victim of Putin”, the day after tomorrow they will accuse the Russians of using the beam sent from the satellite that burns the brains of Americans, and so on and so forth. This is an endless song. Every country falling under the influence of the West begins to sing with them in unison. And Ukraine is no exception, “- said Proper-Sock4721. In his opinion,” bots “can be considered anyone who does not shout” Russia is bad! ” img src = “/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/2e6f11b348f5a1b8465ce46a8424589a.jpg” />An American became disillusioned with the US and wanted to move to Russia “I don't know about the rest of the world, but here in the US, when news ratings drop because a Democrat screwed up or the government is trying to pass a law that most of the American public will not agree with, they decide: “Let's promote a bunch of anti-Russian propaganda in order to raise the rating and distract people!” – says Consistent-Row2294. “As an American, I can say that I’m sick of all this. By no means all of us hate Russia or consider it bad and fully realize that Russia is pursuing an isolationist policy, which is why it is in many ways harmless as a “threat”. In addition, none of those with whom I communicate experiences any hostility towards Russia, “said nordoceltic82.” Before that, I read an article on CNN entitled something like this: “Judging by satellite images, people are pulling towards the border with Ukraine. Russian troops “. Towards the end of the article, the author writes that one of the places of concentration of troops is in a city located 150 miles (240 kilometers) from the border. Lol, since when is it near the border? I am ashamed of the journalism of my country, “complained Bobjohndaviddick. Foreigners complained about Russians who underestimate their country that Russia is preparing an “invasion” of Ukraine. Moscow denies this, emphasizing that no one is threatened, and the movement of troops on its own territory should not bother anyone. As the Kremlin has repeatedly noted, such attacks are used as an excuse to place borders more military equipment and forces of the North Atlantic Alliance.Vladimir Putin, in turn, said that the emergence of NATO weapons on the territory of a neighboring country and other threats to national security Moscow would be regarded as red lines. & gt; “Damn cool”: Americans will be delighted silt the revenge of a Soviet tank girl for her husband


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