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S7 was the first Russian airline to fly on biofuel

MOSCOW, Dec 22 The first ever flight of a Russian airline using biofuel landed at Moscow airport ” Domodedovo, “RIA Novosti correspondent reports.” S7 Airlines became the first Russian airline to use biofuel for refueling its aircraft. Currently, only 45 airlines in the world have experience flying on SAF (sustainable aviation fuel), and the total percentage of use of SAF in the world is 0.03% “, – the press service of the company reported. On Wednesday, S7 received its 37th Neo modification aircraft into its fleet. From the Airbus plant in Toulouse, the new A320neo took off, fueled with a mixture of SAF based on organic compounds and classic aviation fuel. The share of biofuels in the mixture was the maximum 10% that the fuel company can provide at the plant in Toulouse. This amount reduced CO2 emissions on this flight by 7% (1.7 tonnes). “This is an opportunity for us to demonstrate that such flights are real, and that they are the future of sustainable air transportation. It is imperative to develop a legal framework that will allow SAF to be certified in Russia and use it on regular flights. For our part, we are ready to take an active part in this process. And of course, we hope that our partners in the fuel sector will be able to organize production in the medium term, “commented S7 Group CEO Tatyana Fileva. Ecoterrorists are being prepared against Russia


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