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The Chinese offered Russia to create a military bloc

MOSCOW, 22 Dec. Readers of the Chinese edition of Guancha appreciated the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin about NATO expansion to the East. As the Russian leader said earlier, if the West continues its aggressive actions, it may receive “adequate retaliatory military-technical measures.” “When the Warsaw Pact was terminated, the Russians naively thought that NATO was no longer necessary, and did not expect that the alliance would not only not disintegrate, but would expand to the borders of the former Soviet Union, “one of the users writes.” west, inviting Serbia, Belarus, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and other countries to join the New Warsaw Pact to fight NATO, “says the user with the nickname” Hard Work in the Fields. ” justice, “Bai Xia noted.” It's not that Europeans are crazy, they're just puppets that Americans use to feel on top in the world. In any case, European ministers and advisers do not need to worry about natural gas and epidemic goods as long as they rely on the US, “suggested fsp250. The US unveiled a scenario of Russia's full integration with the West “Do not look at the West from the point of view of Chinese materialistic thinking. He has his own values ​​and ideology. Although they have internal conflicts of interest, they cannot make any other choice when it comes to ideological issues, “another participant in the discussion is convinced. On December 17, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a draft treaty with the United States and an agreement with NATO on security guarantees. The documents were handed over to Washington. and its allies. One of the points of the treaty is that the North Atlantic Alliance should provide obligations of non-expansion into the territory of Ukraine. According to the deputy head of the department Serhiy Ryabkov, if the West does not respond to the proposal, this could lead to a new round of confrontation with Russia. Full text of the article read on the INOSMI website & gt; & gt; Expert: NATO's “war” against Russia is becoming fierce


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