GENERICO.ruWorldThe developer of the air defense missile system "Abakan" spoke about its uniqueness

The developer of the air defense missile system “Abakan” spoke about its uniqueness

MOSCOW, 22 Dec. The Antey-4000 complex and radar stations from promising air defense-missile systems, the first deputy chief designer of the complex Dmitry Khrupalo told RIA Novosti. The Abakan complex was created for a customer from the Middle East and was first presented abroad at the Dubai Airshow 2021 exhibition. the Antey-4000 system was created on the basis of the S-300V4. “The concern's designers managed to combine the Antey-4000 missiles and the new generation radar system through a new automated control system. Due to this, they managed to achieve unique characteristics at the request of a foreign customer,” said Khrupalo He recalled that the foreign customer did not want a multipurpose complex of the S-300 or S-400 type, which are multipurpose and capable of operating both on cruise missiles and aerodynamics at medium and high altitudes and ballistic goals. A highly specific complex was required that works only for ballistic targets, has a minimum number of combat assets, a minimum number of combat crews and must be fully automated. Khrupalo noted that the concern's designers completed this task as soon as possible, taking into account the Russian experience in the production of air defense and missile defense systems. designed to defeat ballistic targets. We are talking about single-stage missiles with a low speed of up to three kilometers per second and a launch range of up to three thousand kilometers. In space, they can develop speeds of both three and four kilometers per second, but in dense layers of the atmosphere, speeds of more than 2.5 kilometers per second do not exist due to air resistance. At the same time, the target hitting range is 45 kilometers, the maximum height is 25 kilometers. . Pavel Sozinov: there are no invisible targets for the Almaz-Antey air defense systems today


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