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The financier warned of new currency risks

MOSCOW, Dec 22 If you keep money in foreign currency, then you know for sure that it will be strengthened in the near future. Otherwise, it is too risky and unprofitable, the director of the HSE Banking Institute Vasily Solodkov told Prime. “Today the real interest rate in Russia is negative. ruble deposits will increase. And this scenario is supported by the fact that the Central Bank raised the key rate. course “, – the expert argues. But according to him, no one knows and will not indicate a specific period of time when such an operation can be performed. The reason is in the contradictory external background with high geopolitical risks and simultaneously growing commodity prices. Solodkov advises not to keep money at home and invest it in bonds and ruble OFZs, although these instruments are also at risk due to the high volatility of the ruble. The analyst named the situation when it is worth saving in foreign currency


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