GENERICO.ruWorldThe mother of a nine-year-old student at Moscow State University told her version of the scandal at the exam

The mother of a nine-year-old student at Moscow State University told her version of the scandal at the exam

MOSCOW, 22 Dec. The mother of a nine-year-old student of the psychology department of Moscow State University Alisa Teplyakova Natalia told in an interview with MK her version of what happened during her daughter's exam. audience. After that, her father “made a scandal”, “shouted and threatened employees and teachers.” Employees of the university called the police, while the man was locked up in the classroom, “so that he could not harm anyone.” Subsequently, the girl's father said that he was filing a complaint with the police about “unlawful retention of the child.” As Natalia said, this was the second exam for the girl. At the same time, the parents asked the educational part of the faculty to conduct an exam without a written part, only orally. “We explained that this greatly aggravates her conditions, because, firstly, the writing speed of a child at nine years old is lower than that of adult students, and, secondly, such a format is not provided at all, since written speech is from oral is different, the answer will be different and you need to prepare in different ways, “she said. According to her, the examiners still insisted on a written answer to one of the two questions. The girl answered the second question orally. “An hour and a half later, Eugene already began to worry about her, asking where the child is? He was told that the exam was over … But she did not come out. Dad said:” Let me see the child! “, But he was not allowed to see her. More than an hour passed, when Alice was finally brought to him, “said the girl's mother. She added that as a result, the nine-year-old student received an” unsatisfactory “grade due to” fragmentary “knowledge. “The assessment was voiced by the deputy dean, not the teacher. But the work plan says that even if the knowledge is” fragmentary “, the mark should be” 3 “, not” 2. “But she was ready in the subject much stronger than for” fragmentary knowledge “”, – summed up the woman. Moskvichka Alisa Teplyakova at the age of eight passed the Unified State Exam in Russian, profile mathematics, biology and computer science and applied to the Faculty of Psychology of Moscow State University. She did not manage to enroll in a budget place, so she became a student on a paid basis. In September, a classmate of the girl said that she asks questions off-topic, and also turns on the microphone, despite the teachers' requests not to do this. Parents of a nine-year-old Moscow State University student sharply responded to a petition against the family


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