GENERICO.ruWorldThe number of infections with the omicron strain in Japan rises to 153

The number of infections with the omicron strain in Japan rises to 153

TOKYO Dec 22 The number of omicron infections in Japan has risen to 153, reported Kyodo, citing the health ministry. 68 cases were identified at quarantine points at airports on Wednesday alone. On Tuesday, it was reported that the total number of infections with this strain in the country since the discovery of the omicron strain is 85. Wednesday it also became known that for the first time in Japan, infection was recorded in people who did not travel abroad and did not contact those who did not leave. The first three such cases are in a family of three in Osaka Prefecture. It was not possible to establish the route of infection. The governor of Osaka Prefecture Hirofumi Yoshimura warned that, “perhaps, there are foci of infection in other parts of Osaka” and that it is necessary to proceed from this in preventive measures. Concern about the first so-called “intracity” infection expressed in the evening on Wednesday and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. “Given that this case is not related to travel abroad and the fact that it was not possible to trace the path of infection, it is necessary to quickly strengthen measures to stop the spread of infection,” said Kishida. He said that the Merck coronavirus drug molnupiravir has shown its effectiveness in combating the omicron strain, and promised that with the soonest certification of the drug in Japan, 200 thousand doses of the drug will be sent to the country's medical institutions by the end of the week. The Opshtab noted a high infection with omicron in young patients


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