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“They did not touch anyone”: Sidorova revealed the details of the beating of the skater

MOSCOW, Dec 22 Two-time European curling champion Anna Sidorova spoke about the condition of the beaten 2014 Olympic champion, figure skater Dmitry Solovyov, after it became known that Soloviev was the victim of a beating in Moscow. According to the agency, the incident took place on Tuesday night, Soloviev stood up for Sidorova. As a result of the fight, he was beaten by three attackers. The athlete's manager Elena Bolotova said that the athlete was placed on a drip in the Botkin hospital. “When we arrived at the hospital, they didn’t let me go beyond the emergency department – I learned the first information from the hotline. Initially, his condition was assessed as moderate, later the doctors conducted additional research – Dima confirmed a severe head injury. Moreover, this is not just a concussion: there is a brain hematoma, and while the doctors say that it needs to be closely monitored, it is not known how this hematoma will behave further. Now, late at night, he scheduled for the next CT scan of the brain, doctors put droppers, give injections, “- quotes Sidorova Telegram-channel of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC).” I could not see Dima today – I could only bring his things from home to the hospital. When he feels in he has strength, he gets in touch, the preliminary prognosis of doctors is that Dima will have to spend at least ten days in the hospital. ate, Dima was interrogated in the hospital on record, me – at home, orally, and was warned that they would be summoned to the Main Directorate to testify, “said the athlete. View this post on Instagram

Publication from the Russian Olympic Committee (@olympic_russia)

The athlete also said that she considers it right to make the incident public. “Honestly, it’s scary even to go outside. We didn’t touch anyone, didn’t do anything. I’m just amazed how Dima continued to remain calm even at the moment when he was repeatedly bullied, beaten, the civilized world. It is scary and very unpleasant that this affected us. Yes, history has already received a great resonance, but I believe that we did the right thing, not becoming silent about it and writing a statement, other people should see in this example that behave this way it is impossible and this should not be “, – said Sidorova. In addition, she thanked the 2006 Olympic champion in ice dancing Tatyana Navka. “I would like to say special thanks to Tatyana Navka, who supported Dima as much as possible. He should skate on her show in St. Petersburg – when Tatyana found out, she immediately took an active part in this situation, for which we are very grateful to her. And Dima, as a real athlete, was the first he started asking when it would be possible for him to return to the ice, “Sidorova added.


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