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UN Security Council adopts resolution that payments to Afghanistan are not prohibited

UN Dec 22 The UN Security Council adopted a US resolution deciding that the payment of funds for the provision of humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan does not violate the earlier undertaken by the Security Council of the obligation for states to freeze the assets of the Taliban (are under UN sanctions for terrorist activities), according to the voting results. The document was adopted unanimously. The resolution says that “the Security Council decides that humanitarian assistance and other activities aimed at meeting basic human needs in Afghanistan do not violate paragraph 1 (a) of resolution 2255 (2015).” freeze funds and financial assets of the Taliban, as well as persons and structures associated with them. At the same time, neither these nor any other funds and financial assets should be used in the interests of the Taliban and related structures. The resolution adopted today also states that “the processing and payment of funds, other financial assets or economic resources, as well as the provision of goods and services necessary to ensure the timely provision of such (humanitarian – ed.) assistance or to support such (humanitarian – ed.) activities are permitted. “The Russian Foreign Ministry warned Europe about the flow of refugees from Afghanistan, while the Security Council urges service providers to “make reasonable efforts” to ensure that the financial benefits of those included in the relevant sanctions lists are minimal. According to the text, the Security Council also asks the UN humanitarian coordinator to report to the Security Council every six months after the adoption of a resolution on the delivery of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, as well as on cases of payment or withdrawal of funds to persons or entities under sanctions. As noted in the text, the Security Council requires all parties to provide full, safe and unhindered humanitarian access for personnel of UN humanitarian agencies and other humanitarian organizations, regardless of their gender. It is assumed that in a year the Security Council will return to discussing this issue for further decision. Permanent Representative to the CSTO story al about working with the new authorities of Afghanistan


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