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US ready for new spike in COVID-19, Biden said

WASHINGTON, 21 Dec The United States is ready for another surge in the incidence of coronavirus and will not allow a repeat of the situation in March 2020, when the disease first hit the country, President Joe Biden said. In a televised address to the nation, he announced that the omicron strain with an unexpectedly high probability of infection had become dominant in the United States, called it a cause for concern, but not panic, and did not release it to the public. no plans to close sectors of the economy, as it was in 2020. “Omicron” has become the dominant strain in the US “We are prepared for the fact that In March 2020, we were not ready … We have stocked up enough gowns, masks and ventilators to cope with the increase in hospitalizations among the unvaccinated, “he assured, speaking to the nation in connection with the spread of the omicron strain “.” M We are ready to send them (funds) immediately to where they are needed, “the president added. The measures he listed include expanding testing, mobilizing thousands of military medics to help civilian colleagues, creating additional hospital beds, sending ambulances to the most challenging areas. The main difference from March 2020, Biden said, was the presence of 200 million Americans vaccinated. He assured that vaccination and revaccination continue to provide high protection against severe illness, hospitalization and death. weeks because of the omicron


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