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US to withdraw from Syria soon, Lavrov said

MOSCOW, Dec 22 The United States will soon leave Syria, because they are “uncomfortable” there, but so far Russia is successfully conducting a dialogue with them through the military, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. They are now getting more problems there …, they are introducing their own rules, but they really cannot provide the vital activity of these structures. And besides, there have accumulated many bandits and terrorists among the refugees … I think the Americans understand that they are uncomfortable there. , it's inconvenient, but as long as they are there, we have a dialogue between the military quite effectively, and from the point of view of preventing unintended incidents. And there are such consultations quite confidential to exchange views on the political process and the prospects for the implementation of the Security Council (UN) resolution “, – he said in an interview with Russia Today. Putin reminded the United States of the fate of Yugoslavia, Iraq and Syria The US armed forces illegally control territories in the north and northeast of Syria – in the provinces of Deir ez-Zor, Al-Haseke and Raqqa, where the largest Syrian oil and gas fields are located. Official Damascus has repeatedly called the presence of the American military on its territory an occupation and state piracy with the aim of outright theft of oil. Lavrov stressed that Russia is ready to help the Kurds to ensure that the interests of this national minority are taken into account. “I am convinced that the Kurds must take a principled position, and we are ready To help them in this, they come to us … We explain to our Turkish colleagues that we do not want to feed any negative tendencies for Turkey, on the contrary, our task is to help ensure in practice the requirement to respect the sovereignty of the territorial integrity of Syria. however, taking into account the interests of national minorities is one of the key conditions, “he said. Since 2011, the armed conflict has continued in Syria. Negotiations in Nur-Sultan, known as the “Astana” format (still the name of the capital of Kazakhstan), have been under way since 2017, and in January 2018, Sochi hosted a congress of the Syrian national dialogue, which was the first attempt since the beginning of the conflict to gather a wide list of participants. The main result of the Congress was the decision to create a constitutional committee that operates in Geneva and whose main task is to prepare constitutional reform. “They are war criminals “. What the elite US special forces arranged in Syria


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