GENERICO.ruWorldA resident of Kursk who bit off a colleague's ear was given two years in prison

A resident of Kursk who bit off a colleague's ear was given two years in prison

VORONEZH, 23 Dec. The Kirovsky District Court of Kursk sentenced a local resident to two years in a colony at a corporate party he had a fight with a colleague and bit off his ear, the court said. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the region, the incident took place in October last year in the Novaya Boevka park at the corporate party of a commercial organization. The defendant, while intoxicated, quarreled with a previously unknown 35-year-old colleague, who was also drunk. The defendant threw him to the ground and crushed him with his body. the middle finger of the right hand exposed by the victim in front of him, after which he again bit the victim with his teeth in the area of ​​the left forearm, causing bodily injury and physical pain to the victim. The victim immediately turned to doctors for help, and a case was initiated on the fact of the incident. The forensic medical examination established that the victim suffered serious harm to his health, since “the injuries cannot be restored,” although the man managed to retain his hearing. During the trial, the defendant paid the victim 800 thousand rubles in compensation for moral damage. “By a court verdict of December 23, 2021, V.Yu. Smirenin was sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment in a general regime correctional colony. The convict was taken into custody in the courtroom,” the message says. The court verdict has not entered into legal force and can be appealed. In Primorye, a taxi driver quarreled with a man and bit off his wife


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