GENERICO.ruAutoIn the US, prices for used cars jumped by a third

In the US, prices for used cars jumped by a third

There is a shortage of used cars in the USA.

Average price of a used car in November in the US it reached $ 27,000, and now, according to the Black Book, it is already reaching $ 27,500.

The reasons for the rise in prices are known to everyone: the limited supply of new cars & # 171; pushes & # 187; demand towards used. And their shortage leads to higher prices for used cars, according to Car and driver.

The average price of a used car today is about 35 percent higher than at the beginning of 2021. Moreover, the increase in prices was recorded in almost all states, although in some this indicator is less, but not much. For example, prices rose 27 percent in Philadelphia, 28 percent in Utah.

The average price of a used car exceeded $ 27,000 in early November and now stands at just over $ 27,500.

One of the reasons why there is a shortage of used cars is trade. Dealers often exchange used cars for new ones, and now there are few new ones. Chip shortages, supply chain disruptions and COVID-19 – yes, the reasons are the same.

At the end of 2021, the supply of used cars on the market is 16 percent lower than at the beginning of the year. The number of cars in dealer warehouses is growing, but too slowly. US used car dealerships had 2.31 million vehicles at the end of November, up from 2.25 million in October. Moreover, the number of cars under the age of two is growing faster than the older ones – from two to eight years.

Besides, seasonality in price fluctuations has disappeared. If previously the prices for used cars grew in spring and stabilized in summer, then in 2021 they are constantly growing, even in summer and autumn.


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