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On Wednesday evening, December 22, a video circulated around the Internet, which showed how the rector of Kazan University, a member of United Russia, deputy of the republican parliament Ilshat Gafurov was being led along the deserted corridor of the Basmanny Court of Moscow. Hands are handcuffed. In the hands of the cap. The court has just granted the investigation's motion to arrest Gafurov. He is charged with incitement to murder (part 4 of article 30 of the Criminal Code) and complicity in at least two murders.

Ilshat Gafurov on the video & nbsp; looks like a man who & nbsp; does not believe that it is on his hands handcuffs.

And how can I believe if he could have been arrested back in 1999 – and not arrested. It was then that his name already appeared in the materials of the criminal case on the murder of Aydar Israfilov, an entrepreneur, a deputy of the Yelabuga city council.

Israfilov was shot on August 28, 1999 in Moscow, in a parking lot near the market located in the CSKA sports complex. A man in a white jacket jumped out of a parked VAZ-2106 and, in front of dozens of people, released the entire clip from a pistol with a silencer to the victim. The killer immediately jumped into the car and drove off. An intercept plan was announced. An hour later, the “six” was found near the Aerostar hotel. A pistol was found in the cabin.

Deputy Aydar Israfilov is the killer's victim. Photo: Kazan phenomenon/VKontakte

The crime was solved in hot pursuit. The killer turned out to be 22-year-old Igor Kulyasov, a militant of the organized crime group “29th complex” from Naberezhnye Chelny.

The fact that Kulyasov received an “order to liquidate”, a few weeks before his death, told on local television Israfilov. The fact is that

Kulyasov, having received the order, came to the victim and offered to pay off. He named the amount already received for the “work” – 20 thousand dollars, as well as the name of the customer – Ilshat Gafurov, then the mayor of Yelabuga.

On city television, the businessman said that the mayor of the city had his eye on the city market that he owned. But Israfilov refused to cede the assets belonging to him.

After speaking on the air of the city television, Israfilov wrote a statement to the prosecutor's office. A criminal case was initiated on the preparation of the assassination attempt. Kulyasov was detained, but, once in the cell, he fell silent. Since the killer “voluntarily renounced the crime,”

the case was dropped, and Kulyasov was released. He left for Moscow and on August 28 “completed” the already paid “job”.

The Moscow prosecutor's office was investigating Israfilov's murder, because the murder was committed in the capital.

In September 1999, NTV aired a report on the murder of Aydar Israfilov. The report greatly frightened the mayor of Yelabuga Ilshat Gafurov: in it a version was heard throughout the country, according to which the entrepreneur was ordered by the mayor of Yelabuga. And the operative of the 6th department of the Yelabuga ROVD told about this. True, on condition of anonymity, with a changed voice and a closed face, but the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tatarstan quickly identified their employee. It turned out to be Vladimir Gorshkov. The management chided the officer, but no organizational conclusions “for leakage of operational information” were made. Gorshkov continued to work, and in 2001 he retired.

In the fall of 2012, I went on a business trip to Tatarstan to collect information about the 29th complex organized crime group. I had many meetings with former operatives and members of this gang, many of whose “foot soldiers” have already served sentences imposed by the court for various crimes committed in the 90s, and have been released. I also met with former operative Vladimir Gorshkov. He did not abandon his words, spoken on the air of NTV in 1999.

At the end of the trip, I was received by the prosecutor of Tatarstan. At that time it was Kafil Amirov. And I asked him why in 1999 they did not even consider the version voiced by Israfilov himself during his lifetime, and after the resonant murder and by the opera by Gorshkov?

When making an appointment, I informed the assistant prosecutors what questions I was interested in. And Amirov was ready to answer my extremely straightforward question. And he showed me an official document signed by him back in September 1999 (then Amirov was already the prosecutor of the republic). It was a letter from the prosecutor of Tatarstan to the prosecutor of Moscow, Sergei Gerasimov, who was in charge of the investigation of a high-profile crime. The Tatarstan prosecutor suggested that his Moscow colleague pay attention to Israfilov's warning on the air of local TV, as well as on operational information later announced by Gorshkov on NTV.

– Why did the Moscow prosecutor's office ignore this letter? – I asked Amirov.

– And you remember what time it was. This is the fall of 1999, the height of the election campaign in the State Duma, the peak of the confrontation between the Luzhkov-Shaimiev bloc Fatherland-All Russia and Unity Shoigu, the prosecutor sighed heavily and continued:

– Widespread disclosure of information about suspicions the involvement of the mayor of Yelabuga in the murder of Israfilov could have hit the rating of the Luzhkov-Shaimiev bloc.

Perhaps that is why Gerasimov, who is close to Luzhkov, decided to “ignore” my letter.

3 On October 2012, my investigation “The Complex Returns” was published, in which I spoke about the murder of Irafilov, and about the possible involvement in this crime of Ilshat Gafurov, who was appointed rector of Kazan University in 2010, and about Gafurov’s connections with the leaders of the organized crime group “29th complex “from Naberezhnye Chelny.


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