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Kuzbass miners talked about violations of industrial safety rules

NOVOSIBIRSK, 23 Dec Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Dmitry Demeshin, after a meeting in Novokuznetsk with miners and members of their families, ordered to check all their reports of massive violations of industrial safety rules, the Siberian Department of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation reported on Thursday. Alexander Bloshkin and the mayor of the city Sergey Kuznetsov received a personal reception of coal industry workers and their families. “The reason for the appeal of the miners and their family members was the numerous violations of industrial safety rules, as a result of which the workers were injured, but the injuries they received were registered as received in everyday life.” The miners also reported violations during the operation of equipment, poor quality of personal protective equipment, handicraft tools, littered emergency exits, passages and transitions through conveyors to the place of work, bunk beds deterioration of the ventilation regime, non-observance of the work and rest regime, the lack of fire extinguishing equipment and other violations. Also at the meeting, the issue of violations in wages was raised. “According to the received appeals, the Prosecutor of the Kemerovo Region – Kuzbass was instructed to check all the arguments of the applicants. (supervision), law enforcement agencies, a full range of prosecutorial response measures have been adopted, “the department noted. The regional prosecutor has been instructed to take measures to protect the rights of children and widows of the dead miners. On November 25, in the Kemerovo region, there was a tragedy at the Listvyazhnaya mine, when there were 285 people underground. They managed to withdraw most of them, mine rescuers went after the rest, after a while they were recalled due to the threat of an explosion, but not all managed to get out – five employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations were killed. In total, 51 people became victims of the tragedy.


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