GENERICO.ruWorldNaftogaz will have to buy gas from the EU at 1,600 euros, the economist said

Naftogaz will have to buy gas from the EU at 1,600 euros, the economist said

KYIV, 23 Dec NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” will have to buy gas in the EU on European exchanges at a price of more than 1600 euros per 1,000 cubic meters and more, the company does not have that kind of money, so NJSC will try to somehow “slip through the winter,” a Ukrainian economist, co-chairman of the Fund told RIA Novosti energy strategies Dmitry Marunich. “For the whole winter, we needed about 2 billion cubic meters of gas to reduce the risks of the heating season, but since we have already entered the winter, we need less. As for the price, it will be close to the stock exchanges of the EU countries , it's very expensive, it's 1,600 euros and up, “Marunich said in a comment to the agency on Thursday. The head of “Naftogaz” assessed the gas reserves in Ukraine According to him, the NJSC bought gas in October and November, after that the price has increased and he may have suspended purchases, he is probably buying something, “but the story is sad, since the prices are colossal.” “For the winter, about 2 billion cubic meters were needed, if we take the price of $ 1000 per thousand cubic meters, then this is $ 2 billion, if 1.5 thousand, then $ 3 billion, this is a lot of money, which, of course, Naftogaz does not have … Therefore, he is trying to somehow get out of the situation, not to buy a lot, and somehow slip through. How it will end – we will see at the end of the winter, “- the expert believes. He also rejected the possibility of direct purchases of gas from the Russian Federation against the background of a record rise in prices in the EU.” So far, there is no talk of direct purchases from the Russian Federation. The situation in the country is relatively stable, gas tariffs for the population do not change, and all the excitement occurs at most in the studios of TV channels. What will happen next? Obviously, the tariff will be revised upward after the end of the heating season and then some consequences should be expected, “Marunich added. affect the industry of Ukraine, but not for household consumers. The price of gas futures in Europe at the auction on Thursday lost 15%, fell below $ 1,700 per thousand cubic meters. On Tuesday, this figure exceeded $ 2,150. The head of Naftogaz of Ukraine, Yuriy Vitrenko, said that the company is forced to buy gas at any price, since its own production is not enough, intends to raise funds for this on international markets. “Naftogaz “plans to start gas production on the Black Sea shelf in summer


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