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Rosobrnadzor told how many graduates wrote the final essay

MOSCOW, 23 Dec. More than 97% of graduates successfully coped with writing the final essay, about this said the head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev. “The final essay (presentation) in the main deadline on December 1, 2021 was successfully written and received by 97.2% of the participants, which roughly corresponds to the results of previous years. On this day, the essay was written by almost 622 thousand people from all regions of Russia, with the exception of the Republic of Kalmykia, where the essay was postponed due to restrictions related to the epidemiological situation in the region, “he said at a meeting with reporters. The most popular topic of the final essay among 11-graders this year was” Book ( music, performance, film) – about me “, he was chosen by 31.2% of future graduates. Almost as popular was the direction “Crime and Punishment – an Eternal Theme”, it was chosen by 29.1% of the participants. Another 15.4% of those who wrote the essay chose the topics of the direction “Who lives well in Russia? – the question of a citizen”, 13.2% – “Civilization and technology – salvation, challenge or tragedy?”, 11.1% – “A person traveling: a road in the life of a person, “he clarified. Successful writing of the final essay is a condition for graduates of the 11th grade to be admitted to the state final certification. Graduates who received an unsatisfactory “failure” result, who did not show up for the final essay or did not complete it for good reasons, will be able to write the essay in an additional timeframe – February 2 and May 4, 2022. The expert told if the students had any difficulties in the final essay


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