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“Servant of the people” Galushko insulted the police: the party announced blackmail by Avakov

The car of the people's deputy from & # 171; Servants of the people & # 187;, driven by the driver, crossed the double solid … The politician came to the rescue and swore at the patrolmen.

People's Deputy of Ukraine from the presidential faction & # 171; Servant of the people & # 187; Mykola Galushko got into a scandal with the police, his Toyota Land Cruiser was stopped for violating traffic rules, reports with reference to Focus.

The video of the people's deputy's communication was provided by the police to & # 171; Ukrainian Truth & # 187 ;.

Note that Galushko is the head of the subcommittee on security and detective activities of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Law Enforcement Activities.

According to the interlocutors of the publication, the incident took place on December 18 last year, but only got publicity now. The politician's car crossed the double line at about 4:00 am. It was driven by a driver whom Galushko came to rescue.

& # 171; Fuck bl *** b piz ** shh where you need to, get it? Whoever testifies, that piz ** a. I'm fucking fucking knocking out finances and everything for you, and you tell me how to do it? This is against me, did someone order me for you? & # 187; – the People's Deputy began a dialogue.

Further Galushko asks who examined the car and proves that the vehicle has been declared. Later it turns out that the car belongs to the politician's mother.

The police do not have the right to inspect the car of the people's deputy, he argued. The patrolmen explained to him that diplomatic immunity does not apply to the cars of people's deputies.

& # 171; Are you sick in the head? Did you hear me? This is the car of the People's Deputy of Ukraine. How can you examine him? & # 187; – continued Galushko.

In the party & # 171; Servant of the People & # 187; reacted to the scandal with the people's deputy Nikolai Galushko. His act was called unacceptable.

The faction condemned the act of Galushko, who cursed the police. At the same time, the appearance of the video of the incident is associated with the voting for Avakov's resignation in July 2021.

Representative & # 171; Servants of the People & # 187; Yulia Paliychuk said that the incident caught on the video really happened. Nikolai Galushko, according to the party's press secretary, knew about the existence of the video, since he was allegedly blackmailed by the ex-chairman of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.


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