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Seven rules for those who are afraid of getting fat during the holidays

Helpful tips that will definitely help you avoid getting fat.

A few secrets How to keep your figure and not spoil your digestion during the New Year holidays, reports with reference to the Telegraph.

The main night of the year is approaching, which for many may drag on for a week. New Year's holidays are always stress for the body, because so many different festive dishes, salads, snacks and alcohol cannot but appear on the scales afterwards. But no one wants to gain significant weight in just one night. What to do?

A trainer, nutritionist-nutritionist Lyubov Pishchalkina on her Instagram blog (turbo.luba) answers this question. She published a post in which she talked about the seven drinking & # 171; commandments & # 187; that will help you not get fat during the New Year holidays.

& # 171; Ideally, of course, not to drink, but as the military says wisdom: & # 171; If you can't forbid – lead and direct! & # 187; & nbsp; – writes a nutritionist.

What to do in order not to get fat during the holidays

  • Do not starve all day before the evening meal. On the contrary, eat well and correctly. ⠀
  • Do like the Greeks – dilute the wine with water 50/50. This is the coolest life hack that will stop alcohol from dehydrating you. You will be able to drink without getting drunk.
  • The wine is dry and preferably red. This way you will not go over sugar.
  • The best snack for wine is not cheese and fruits, but vegetables, fish, lean poultry and seafood. And if you eat sweet and fat, all this will instantly be deposited in the most difficult places.
  • Chew slowly, do not pounce on food, like the last time.
  • Do not make yourself impossible promises, such as – now I will devour for the last time, and tomorrow I will go on a diet – it does not work. ⠀
  • Dances, jokes and fun games are a priority. ⠀

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