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Sidorova commented on the video with the interrogation of Solovyov

MOSCOW, Dec 22 Two-time European curling champion Anna Sidorova said that The video of the interrogation of Olympic figure skating champion Dmitry Solovyov was made by an unknown person who introduced himself as an investigator. On Tuesday night, Solovyov was beaten in Moscow after interceding for Sidorova. He was admitted to the Botkin hospital. The video of Solovyov's interrogation was published by the REN TV channel. “Visits to the hospital are strictly prohibited, because the quarantine is in force, and even I cannot get to Dima. Yesterday, only an operative was allowed in, he interviewed Dima. And today Dima told me by phone that An investigator came to him and asked questions again. At first he did not understand why it had to be done again, “Match TV quotes Sidorova.” And then it turns out that this “interrogation” was conducted by an outsider who secretly filmed everything on video and now this recording has been published on REN TV. This is outrageous and unacceptable. We are already open, we are making contact with journalists. And here an unknown person came, deceived everyone and secretly made a recording, “added the curler.


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