GENERICO.ruWorldThe boilers of CHPP-1 in Ulan-Ude were preliminarily energized

The boilers of CHPP-1 in Ulan-Ude were preliminarily energized

KRASNOYARSK, 23 Dec. Specialists are working to eliminate the accident at TPP-1 in Ulan-Ude , already in a preliminary order, voltage was applied to the boilers, said the head of Buryatia, Aleksey Tsydenov. On Thursday morning, a message was received about smoke at TPP-1 in Ulan-Ude. According to the updated government data, the station was filled with smoke as a result of a fire in the electrical wiring. At the moment, four boilers are off. Due to the accident at TPP-1, a republican regime was introduced in Ulan-Ude. The renovation has already begun. At the time of the restoration work, heat supply will be reduced in part of the Ulan-Ude districts. On Thursday, the work of kindergartens and schools was suspended. The operational headquarters is monitoring the situation and will inform about the work being carried out. Tsydenov noted that due to the accident, an emergency regime of the republican level was introduced, so all the funding necessary to eliminate the accident “will be provided in full and immediately.” Technique and the necessary equipment will be purchased by both TGK-14 and from the republic. “While these are preventive measures, we are deploying to eliminate the consequences. Voltage has already been applied to the boilers in a preliminary order. A parallel power supply scheme is being developed, but it will take some time to eliminate the accident. I think we will go through this situation quickly “, – said the head of the republic in a video message to residents. due to an accident at the TPP in Ulan-Ude


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